jQuery Auto Pagination Verson 0.1.0

An unobstrusive auto pagination plugin for JQuery


jQuery Auto Pagination converts paginated webpages into a single page that loads subsequent pages automatically as the user scrolls downwards. To see how this works visit the demo page.

  • Extremely small file size. Minified js file is only ~1.4kb.
  • Extremely low dependency on page DOM structure. Only two DOM elements are required, nextPageSelector and panelSelector. The nextPageSelector link can be in any format, running page numbers are not required.

jQuery Auto Pagination is hosted on GitHub at:

For support regarding issues with this plugin, please go to:

jQuery Auto Pagination is written and maintained by Choy Peng Kong, you can reach him at pengkong@gmail.com.

jQuery Auto Pagination is inspired by Infinite Scroll by Paul Irish & Luke Shumard

The following works were used in building this project:

  • v0.1.0 - 19 May 2013
    Initial release

jQuery Auto Pagination is licensed under both MIT and GPL

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